Churchfields Farm is home to our pedigree herd of dairy cows, who are milked twice a day, every day of the year.

This milk is quickly chilled to less than 4°C to keep it as fresh as possible, and stored in a 5000 litre refrigerated container. At the end of each day, any milk we haven’t used onsite is collected by ARLA who carefully measure key properties of our milk including fat content to make sure it is of the highest quality.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday one of our skilled production team transfers some milk from the milking parlour to our Micro-Dairy. This is the room where we pasteurise and skim our milk, and all of our ice creams and sorbets are made.

All of our milk that stays on site is pasteurised, whether it goes into the drinks in the Barn & Kitchen, or into our milk vending machine. Pasteurisation is a gentle and quick heating process that kills microbes which can naturally occur in milk, making it safe to drink.

Most milk you would get in supermarkets has been homogenised, but our milk is made the old-fashioned way. Non-homogenised milk like ours is left in its natural state and has not had the fat particles broken down under pressure; therefore the cream sits on top.

Our whole milk is available from our vending machine and our shop.

As well as selling our milk at Churchfields, we also deliver to local businesses in Droitwich and Worcester, using reusable containers whenever possible.

Proud to supply

To allow us to keep up with demand, the minimum order amount is £10.00