Jen’s Hens

Jennifer is our youngest daughter who has a passion for our feathered friends. At school she looks after a flock of racing pigeons and on the farm she has her hens.

In her own words, Jen has the following to say:

“I look after twelve Red Hens which I have had since Easter 2019. They were one day old when they arrived.

When they were younger they were about the size of my palm, but now they have grown to be big and strong.

Now that they are older the chickens roam free around the farm as they can still fit into small places.

Some people ask me if they have names but you would be able to see that all of them look pretty much the same!

The eggs that the chickens make are incredibly fresh and I would definitely recommend them.

I really enjoy looking after my chickens and I would suggest everyone getting some.”

To allow us to keep up with demand, the minimum order amount is £10.00