Milk vending machine

Our Milk Vending Machine is now fully stocked with Full Fat milk ONLY. Glass refillable milk bottles are available to purchase from our Farm Shop. 
Three times a week, our vending machine is filled with fresh pasteurised semi-skimmed and whole milk. You can visit to buy fresh milk 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Both semi-skimmed and whole milk are available from the machine, and if you prefer skimmed you can pop into the Barn & Kitchen with your bottles. The machine is refilled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so the milk always has at least 5 days shelf life. It’s easy to use, with a step by step guide on the front.

Reusable glass bottles are available to purchase in our Farm Shop, or you can bring along your containers, just make sure they’re nice and clean first!

£1 per litre

The vending machine sells milk by the litre, and you can pay by contactless or in our shop. Each litre is £1 and, or you can buy twelve litres for the price of ten. Our decorative glass bottles are £3.

Our milk is made the old-fashioned way but to modern safety standards. It is pasteurised, which is a gentle and quick heating process that kills microbes which can naturally occur in milk, making it safe to drink. But unlike most milk you get in supermarkets our milk isn’t homogenised.

Non-homogenised milk like ours is left in its natural state and has not had the fat particles broken down under pressure; therefore the cream sits on top.

£3 Decorative 1L Bottle

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To allow us to keep up with demand, the minimum order amount is £10.00