The Farm

We farm just over 300 acres of Worcestershire countryside. It is a mixed farm with arable crops and some beef animals. The farmhouses on the farm date back over 400 years and were therefore built before The Mayflower Pilgrims settled in America.

The Farm has The River Salwarpe and The Droitwich to Salwarpe Canal cutting through the heart of it. Both the canal and the river lead on to the River Severn. It is interesting to think that the Droitwich Salt Barges would have shipped the Salt through the centre of the farm for several centuries.

We love nature and in the last 10 years have been farming within a Countryside Stewardship Scheme. This has seen us create and manage Orchards, hedgerows, wildlife meadows, grass field headlands, woodlands and ponds in a way that encourages the local biodiversity.

Learn about sustainability at Churchfields

The farm has footpaths that cross over it and lead to Salwarpe Church. Here you can walk through the village and to the canal. The immediate fields around the farm are for the cows spring, summer and autumn grazing whilst the fields across the lanes are for the arable and winter forage reserves for the cattle.

We have lots of machinery on the farm with 3 tractors and a JCB Loader. The farm Land Rover is rather dirty and a little battered but does the job. Our contractor has a big forager for the grass and maize silage that is our winter forage and the combine harvester is a fine sight to see in the summer.

Farm tours

We take great pleasure in showing people around our farm. We can tailor a tour to suit the age or knowledge of each group. Why not come along and learn about farming?

To allow us to keep up with demand, the minimum order amount is £10.00