Sustainability & Biodiversity

Our commitment to biodiversity & sustainability is key to our farming ethos.

We have increased our biodiversity through our commitment to the Mid-Tier Stewardship Scheme which has included activity such as:

  • Orchard planting
  • Hedgerow planting and management (hedge laying) to improve structure and longevity
  • Implementing field margins to reduce risk of potential pollutants to watercourses: 4-6m buffer strip on cultivated land, 12-24m watercourse buffer strips
  • Providing food resources for birds and insects: Autumn sown BumbleBird mixes in fields, overwintering stubble
  • Providing habitat and foraging sites for birds and invertebrates: Flower rich margins and plots
  • Permanent grassland with very low inputs


We have invested heavily in sustainable energy sources over the past few years. Between the power needed for our cafés, holiday cottages, houses, salt production and our very large ice cream freezers—Churchfields requires a lot of energy! 

Biomass Burner

Biomass Burner

In 2016 we installed a 850Kw Biomass Boiler which is fuelled by sustainable, locally sourced wood chip. The Biomass Boiler has helped us reduce our heating costs over the whole farm as we have been able reduce our reliance on four oil-fired boilers and the hot water is used in the ice cream dairy, salt production, the cafés and throughout all of houses and holiday rentals.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Having invested in two small solar panel systems on the houses, in 2014 we decided to go further and build a 120Kw system to help reduce our increasing electricity costs. These are floor mounted panels and cover about 1.5 acres.

Working in partnership

We work with these great organisations to deliver sustainable farming and food production.