Our produce

We are a working farm and while we no longer have a dairy herd (our ice cream is supplied with milk from a neighbours pedigree herd now), our produce includes beef, ice cream and salt. 

Churchfields Beef

The beef herd is currently comprised of about 30 Aberdeen Angus Cross and Shorthorn cattle but we are looking to transition to a herd of more local Hereford cattle. The cattle are grazed out on the fields for most of the year but come into the barns in the winter months when they are fed with grass silage made on the farm during the summer.

Close up of Large burger and bowl of chips served outside with hedge background

Churchfields Ice Cream

In 2004 Churchfields diversified into making ice cream using milk from the dairy herd. The first batch was our award-winning Vanilla which kick started our range of exciting flavours—we currently have about 30 flavours.

All of our artisan ice cream is made on site in our purpose built production room and is handcrafted in small batches with only the finest ingredients. We also produce sorbets which are vegan and dairy free.

Churchfields Ice Cream is sold in local restaurants and visitor attractions (National Trust properties) and here at The Old Barn Café.

Although we don’t have our own herd of dairy cows anymore, we buy our milk from a nearby family farm with a pedigree herd – The Really Good Dairy.

Droitwich Salt

Churchfields Farm is also the home of Churchfields Saltworks producing Droitwich Salt – the only brine spring salt made in the UK. This heritage salt was an internationally valuable resource in Roman, Anglo Saxon and Norman Times. In 1215, King John granted the town of Droitwich Spa a Royal Charter based on the importance of this brine. This Royal Charter allowed the salt industry to develop in Droitwich and shaped the town’s history for hundreds of years. Subsequently, Droitwich Spa became one of England’s most prosperous towns in Medieval Times right through to the 20th Century. However, because of the rising costs of production and the decline in the demand for salt, production of Droitwich Salt ceased in 1922.

In Autumn 2017 we partnered with Wychavon District Council and gained the exclusive rights to produce this historic product again. Today we collect the brine from Tower Hill in Droitwich and transport it back to the farm.

The brine is pumped onto the salt beds where the process of crystallisation occurs using heat from the sun and/or our Biomass Boiler. The Salt is sold in a range of flavours and is multi-award winning. It is available in over 100 stockists across the UK including many farm shops, delis and even Selfridges!