About Churchfields

Churchfields is an historic Worcestershire farm surrounded by open countryside in this delightful part of The Heart of England. It is situated in the village of Salwarpe on the edge of Droitwich Spa.

The farm has been in our family for five generations now, with three generations currently living onsite. Will & Gillian run the day to day operations, along with their children Edward, Louisa and Jennifer who all get involved in different ways. Granny Fizz is also an active member of the farm, keeping everyone in check.

Five generations of history

As a working dairy farm producing award-winning milk, it was always our family’s dream to diversify into ice cream.  This dream became a reality in 2004 when the first scoop of Churchfields Farmhouse Ice Cream was made. Following on from this success, we began pasteurising our fresh milk on site and have more recently launched Droitwich Salt, a heritage product with roots back to the Bronze Age.

Our vision is to create an educational and family friendly destination suitable for all generations.  With this in mind, two of our former barns have been converted into the Cowshed Restaurant, the Barn Café and our Farm Shop.

A greener future

We understand that human beings need to respect our environment and work as harmoniously as is possible within it. As such, Churchfields has undertaken several green and sustainability inititatives to help minimize our carbon footprint and preserve our picturesque environment for future generations.

Our values

Quality not Quantity

We never compromise on the quality of our produce, or the homecooked food in our Barn & Kitchen. For our ice creams, sorbets and Droitwich Salt, we are audited and certified by SALSA, a food safety standard for small-medium sized businesses.

Our People

We know that we are only as good as the people working with us. We invest in training to ensure everyone gets to grow in the way they want to, and always try to have a laugh!

Happy, healthy cows

Dairy farming can be hard work for cows, so we make sure that all our cows are kept comfortable, warm and most importantly, healthy.

Investing in future generations

It’s important to us that we pass the farm on to our kids in a better state than we found it. In everything we do we consider our environmental impact, and have a sustainability programme to protect and enhance the farm’s biodiversity and reduce our carbon footprint.

Community spirit goes a long way

As far as possible we source local products, support local people and supply local businesses. We are involved in local fund-raising activities, biodiversity initiatives and farm tours for kids.

Customer service

We are committed to the very best customer service possible. We operate as efficiently as possible, and will always try to accommodate any special requests.

Family comes first

Above all, we are a family business and a family home; and we love what we do.

What our customers say

  • Michelle Pinfield17/09/2020

    Lovely, friendly place lovely atmosphere great for the kids and the animals are great too.

    Arthur Cooper17/09/2020

    Excellent..staff very helpful


    Amazing atmosphere great staff and people. See u soon


    Great day with kids. But to you have to pay for the trail and the maize separately so it is... read more

  • Idris Rajabali03/09/2020

    Lovely fairy trail and amazing ice cream!

    rachel gilpin03/09/2020

    Brilliant afternoon out. Enjoyed by the whole group

  • Sarah Cook27/08/2020

    Fab ice-cream, lots of different flavours. The salted caramel is an all time favourite!

    4 star rating

    It was a hot August day, so we expected it to be very popular, and it was.

    Beautiful tasting ice...
    read more

  • Martin Lawrence25/08/2020

    Great fairy walk followed by ice cream...... good time had by all

    5 star rating

    We visited here today for the first time, we were very impressed, even though there were lots of things that... read more

  • nathan duggan24/08/2020

    Nice family venue with a Fairy trail, maze and delicious ice cream..

    Marie Allen21/08/2020

    Ice cream is amazing here 😋

  • Natasha H19/08/2020

    Took my children (3 and 2) doing the fairy trail, they had a great time and want to come back... read more

    Emily Seldon18/08/2020

    I went with a friend and 6 boys between us. The food was absolutely excellent and part of the 50%... read more

  • Susan Purdy18/08/2020

    Half price cold and hot food, Churchfields Farmhouse is a beautiful place for s family outing loved it

    Martin Curtis18/08/2020

    Friendly and welcoming staff. Ice creams worth the visit.

  • TheThomasFamilyof513/08/2020
    5 star rating

    Churchfields is a really nice place to visit with small children. Its very chilled & feels open yet safe for... read more

    Cosmin Marius11/08/2020

    Best ice-cream and smoothies i've ever had

  • bunniesarelife8911/08/2020

    Lovely little place! The ice cream 👌

    Carla Formigao11/08/2020

    Nice place to stop for food drink or even their delicious ice cream

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