Our beef animals enjoy grazing the river meadows of the River Salwarpe in the spring, summer and autumn. During the winter they are housed or some of the strong ones are out-wintered (kept in the open during the winter) on kale and stubble turnips. They might get muddy out there but they love the fresh air and have the run of the field all year round.

The Hereford Cattle are either red and white or black and white. The Aberdeen Angus are all jet black whilst the British Blues are paler with dark speckles of blue/grey. The Beef Shorthorn are a lovely deep red colour. We’ve written more about our cows and the different breeds if you’re interested to learn more.

A select group of beef animals have been helping The Canal and River Trust by grazing their wild meadows at Coney Meadow. They help keep down some of the reeds and brambles, and on the grass area they help spread the wild grass seeds.

Our Churchfields Beef Burgers are made from our home reared beef animals. They have a great taste and are well prepared by our local lady butcher – The Butcheress.  Our Old Barn Cafe (and Farm Grill in the summer) regularly feature our delicious beef on the menu, and our shop sells homemade frozen meals such as lasagne and cottage pie etc also using our own animals.

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